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Rocky Mountain Snow Guards NoFlash III snow fences protect congregation at ski area chapel.
The iconic old main structure at Utah State built in 1889 now features a beautiful new DaVinci roof and Rocky Mountain Snow Guards.
A question we see from time to time here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards involves customers that have had snow guards installed and are still having issues with the snow coming off of their roof. A pesky issue for sure. There are a few things you need to consider if this is a problem you are experiencing.
There are a lot of reasons to put snow guards on your roof. Most importantly is for protecting people, property and pets. Here's an infographic we built up to demonstrate these reasons.
Low profile plastic snow guards are a good option for metal roofs in certain situations. Here's our quick guide explaining the best ways to attach and use plastic snow guards and covers all the advantages and disadvantages to using this type of snow guard.
Snow Guards installed on a recently finished project in the Lake Tahoe area at the Fleur Du Lac Estates.
This is a brief summary introduction of the 3 different types of metal roof snow guard systems, Clip-Style, Bar-Style and Fence-Style snow guards. The article discusses products manufactured by Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, S-5!, Alpine SnowGuards, Zaleski, SnoGem, Polar Blox and others.
Many of our customers wonder why we recommend the snow guards that we do on their roof and, in some cases, want to use the other snow guard type instead. We will attempt to break that reasoning down here and cut through the confusion.
For roughly the same price as weak plastic snow guards, you can install steel or aluminum snow guards & snow fences that last the life of your roof!
Snow build-up on solar panels is different from other types of roofs. Snow compacts more and gets heavier, tending to slide off all at once, often needing special snow retention.
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