Get To Know Rocky Mountain Snow Guards

Since 2010, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards (RMSG) has designed and sold tens of thousands of snow retention systems. That’s millions of snow guards and many thousands of snow fence and snow bar systems. 
When you put your confidence in RMSG, you can relax.  We’ve got you covered from layout to delivery. Our customer service team is exemplary. Our design professionals are highly experienced. Our manufacturing capabilities are outstanding. Our logistics team understands the importance of shipping complete, accurate snow retention orders as quickly as possible, packaged so parts arrive in excellent condition.

  • Ariel Preuitt, Customer Experience Manager

    Ariel Preuitt

    Customer Experience Manager
  • Dylan Quirk, Lead Design & Quote Specialist

    Dylan Quirk

    Lead Design & Quote Specialist
  • Andy Gutierrez, Design & Quote Specialist

    Andy Gutierrez

    Design & Quote Specialist
  • LeeAnn Parliman, Administrative Assistant

    LeeAnn Parliman

    Administrative Assistant
  • Tyler Hernandez, Warehouse Manager

    Tyler Hernandez

    Warehouse Manager
  • Brian Cross, Sales & Marketing Manager

    Brian Cross

    Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Eduardo Duran, Logistics Manager

    Eduardo Duran

    Logistics Manager
  • Neil Dehne, Outside Sales

    Neil Dehne

    Outside Sales
  • Nathan Hoza, Operations Manager

    Nathan Hoza

    Operations Manager
  • Toni Koons, Digital Properties Specialist

    Toni Koons

    Digital Properties Specialist
  • Lars Walberg, President

    Lars Walberg

  • Connor Walberg, Documents & SEO Specialist

    Connor Walberg

    Documents, Website & SEO Specialist

How Did We Get Here?

Our company was founded by Lars Walberg, an entrepreneur with advanced roofing experience.

In the early 2000’s Lars worked out of Denver selling snow retention systems for an enterprise to contractors throughout Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. By 2010 he broke away to form his own snow retention company and RMSG was launched.

What started as a small company selling snow guards and simple bolt-down snow fences has grown into an industry leader in advanced snow retention solutions. Along with being the largest distributor of S-5!® snow retention systems in the western part of the United States, RMSG is one of the only companies in the country focused solely on snow retention products for every type of roof.

What Makes RMSG Work?

Our bi-lingual team members know what works for rooftop snow retention. We focus on offering durable steel and copper materials that won’t become brittle or yellow over time. We continually fine-tune our product offerings to meet the changes in the marketplace and home styles.

Our mission is simple:
To provide you with Permanent, Attractive and Effective Snow Retention Systems. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, we won’t do it.

We’re experts at analyzing and providing design specifications of snow retention systems for a wide range of roofing materials. We do this fast. And accurately. So that our team can help keep your project moving ahead smoothly.

Focusing On Safety

At RMSG, we’re proud of every snow retention system we design. Whether it helps a contractor create an award-winning roofing project or retains an eave-length of snow over the entry door of a home. Our mission is to protect people and property with permanent, attractive, and effective snow retention products and designs.

It is our privilege to put our knowledge and products to work for you.