Snow Guards for Synthetic Slate and Shake Roof Snow Retention

Synthetic Slate and Shake Roof Systems have one unique characteristic that separates them from Natural Slate Roofs and Natural Shake & Shingle roofing products: the material that makes up a synthetic roof system is a closed-cell product which allows no adhesion for built-up snow and ice (compared to natural products which are open-cell, or have natural pores for the snow and ice to grip onto, minimizing avalanche risk). They share this characteristic with metal roof systems.

Due to the slippery nature of these products, it is imperative that snow guard systems be considered for all roof areas that will directly impact people or property below. There are a variety of project-specific roof snow guard systems available for these roof types and a representative at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards would be happy to design a system for your specific situation. For more information or to obtain a layout, please contact our roof snow retention experts or fill out the Snow Guard Layout Request form.

Snow Guard Systems compatible with Synthetic Slate and Shake roofs:

Bar-Style Snow Guards for Synthetic Slate and Shake

S-5!® ColorGard® Snow Fence System

ColorGard Bar-Style Snow Fence System is not available for Synthetic Slate and Shake roof types.
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