Standing Seam Metal Panel Roof Type

Snow Guards for Standing Seam Metal Panel Roof Snow Retention

Mechanical- or Snap- type standing seam roof systems are ideal candidates for roof snow guards and Bar-Style and Fence-Style snow guard systems. The slipperiness of the standing seam metal itself can cause large issues with snow and ice. We partner with a couple of companies that have engineered roof snow fence systems that do not require that the user penetrate the waterproof barrier these roof systems supply. By clamping to the roof seam itself, you can create an exceptionally strong barrier that will hold the snow and ice and protect people and property on the ground below.

Due to the panel and fit-specific nature of these clamps regarding the engineered and tested values on almost every metal roofing panel, it is very important to work with our experts at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards to find the best solutions for your project. Please note that we will need to verify the exact seam structure, either by information about the panel manufacturer and model presented by the customer, or with a photo that clearly shows the seam configuration.


Step One...

Which Type of Standing-Seam Profile Do You Have?

NOTE: The seam profile examples shown are for general identification purposes only.

Many seam types appear similar, so compare the seam shown to your seam carefully.  If you’re unsure, or if you don't see your profile here, please contact Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for additional help.


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There are a LOT of standing seam metal panel manufacturers and it's hard to display all the types of standing seams out in the world. Please get in touch with us and we'll find something that works for your roof.