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Rocky Mountain Snow Guards – A Leading Manufacturer of Roof Snow Guards

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc. We’re one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of snow retention systems for most roof types. Our team has over 30 years experience in construction and roofing related industries with specific expertise in snow retention and mitigation. Located in Denver, Colorado our Snow Guard Products and layouts are engineered and tested to withstand even the heaviest snow loads. Our snow guards range from the extra strong Rocky Guard to the patented SnowTrapper Snow Guards. Rocky Mountain Snow Guards also manufactures the strong L Bracket Snow Fence for bolt-down applications and the easy-to-install S5!® and PMC AceClamp® series of clamp-to-seam snow fences. We also provide in-house design / layout services for all of our products to ensure optimum performance on the roof.

Roof Snow Guards Made to Prevent Snow Movement & Avalanching

Snow Guards are varying types of products which attach to roof structures in a variety of manners in order to prevent the avalanching (or as we like to call it, “catastrophic release”) of snow from the roof. This falling snow and ice can be hazardous to both pedestrians and properties alike. Roof snow guards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and are installed in a specific layout and pattern based on the shape, size, and pitch of the roof to provide the most effective and attractive system of possible. Snow guards are also commonly referred to as Snow Cleats, Snow Brackets, Snow Jacks, Snow Pads, or Snow Birds, along with countless other names – No matter what you call them, they are designed specifically to minimize snow movement on the roof surface.

RMSG is proud to be the distributor and custom layout designer for the patented SnowTrapper line of snow guards for the roofs. The SnowTrapper is available in a number of configurations for use on many roofing products. SnowTrapper products are available in Copper Snow Guards and Kynar-Coated Aluminum. Exceptionally strong, The SnowTrapper Snow Guard Design has been proven in over 15 years of real-world experience. The Rocky Guard is the ideal solution for higher snow load areas and where a taller snow guard is necessary.

The Corgard Snow Guard is an exceptionally strong snow guard specifically designed for 7/8″ corrugated metal roof panels. The Corgard Roof Snow Guard fastens through the top of the corrugation rather than on the roof deck itself to reduce water ponding and reduce the possibility of leaking around the fasteners.

Roof Snow Fences Made to Handle Great Quantities of Snow

RMSG offers a wide variety of roof snow fence systems. Snow fences are a very strong type of retention system that is typically applied on metal roofing systems and in higher snow load areas. Snow fencing provides a strong barrier that the snow is held against to prevent catastrophic release onto areas below.

The L Bracket, bolt down snow fence system is ideal in areas where a great deal of snow hold is necessary or on very slippery surfaces. They are fastened into a variety of substrates and it is highly recommended you contact RMSG to determine bracket spacing and necessary parts quantities.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is also a proud distributor of S5!® and PMC Industries Clamp-To-Seam Snow Fence Systems designed to attach to the vertical seams without penetrating the roof. As with the L Bracket, it is highly recommended that you contact RMSG for a job-specific layout and parts quantities.