Corrugated Metal Panel Roof Type

Snow Guards for Corrugated Metal Panel Roof Snow Retention

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards has designed a very strong metal roof snow guard for Corrugated Metal Panel systems. Not to be confused with Through-Fastened Metal Panel or Ag-Panel (also known as PBR, R-Panel, or a variety of other names). For these panel systems, please see our snow guard systems for Through-Fastened Metal Panel roofs.

We have designed the Corgard to specifically fit the very popular 7/8” corrugated metal panel profile. This steel snow guard is designed to rust along with the panel but can also be ordered in aluminum, which can be powder coated to match your painted panel. We also have several fence-style snow guards that attach on top of the corrugation as well. Please contact Rocky Mountain Snow Guards or fill out the layout request form for more information.

Recommended Clip-Style Snow Guard Systems

Recommended Fence-Style Snow Guard Systems

Compatible Bar-Style Snow Guard Systems