S-5!® Bar-Style Snow Guards

S-5!® Bar-Style Snow FencesThe S-5!® ColorGard® Bar-Style Snow Guard System provides excellent snow retention on metal panel roofs and single ply membrane roofs. 

For standing-seam metal panels, S-5!® has specific clamps for every type of seam profile and their clamps are proven by thousands of actual seam load tests.  For direct-mounted applications on through-fastened metal panels, the S-5!® VersaBracket provides the solid base for mounting the ColorGard® system.

S-5! ColorGard Bar-Style Snow Guard system components

S-5!® ColorGard® Bar-Style Snow Fence System for Metal Roofs

The S-5!® ColorGard® is the only snow retention system good enough to be warrantied for the life of the roof! Unlike other snow guards that yellow and fail over time, ColorGard®'s unsurpassed holding strength controls snow migration with a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof.

S-5!® ColorGard® is manufactured from mill-finished, aircraft quality aluminum. The upright ColorGard® Bar comes in 8-foot long sections, connected together as needed using aluminum splices that are included with ColorGard®. For use with S-5!® heavy duty seam clamps and S-5!® VersaBracket™, depending on your metal roof type.

Standing-Seam Clamps

Standing-seam clamp placement example

For Standing-Seam Metal Panel Roofs, the S-5!® ColorGard® Snow Fence is attached directly to the vertical seams of the panels using strong, aluminum S-5!® Standing Seam Clamps.  The clamps are positioned along the seam length and affixed to the seam using rounded-tipped setscrews that do not penetrate the seam.

There are a variety of S-5!® clamps available for almost any standing seam metal panel roof profile configuration. These easy-to-install clamps provide exceptionally strong mounting points for the ColorGard® snow fence brackets.

When using the standing seam clamps for clamp-to-seam metal roof applications, the ColorGard® Bar is secured to the clamp with an S-5!® VersaClip™ attachment.

Bolt-Down S-5!® VersaBracket™

VersaBracket bolt-down bracket installation example

For through-fastened, trapezoidal metal roof profiles (in fact, most metal panel roof types), the VersaBracket™ is the perfect match for our ColorGard® snow retention systems. VersaBracket™ is extremely economical and facilitates quick and easy installation without the need of extra sealant. The VersaBracket™ comes with factory-applied sealant already on the base, making installation a breeze.

The bolt-down VersaBracket™ is mounted directly onto the roofing surface using appropriate fasteners.  Once bolted to the roof, the ColorGard® Bar is affixed to the VersaBracket™ directly with use of S-5!® VersaClip Bracket attachments.



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