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Metal Roof Snow Guard Installation sometimes uses glue or an industry specific adhesive.
Snow Guards For Metal Roofs are very often used on metal roofs covering commercial and residential buildings alike
Snow guards are primarily used in areas of high foot traffic but they're also used to protect any property from sliding snow and ice avalanches from roofs.
At Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, we understand snow dynamics and snow guard theory.  Our state-of-the-art snow guard calculator determines the quantity of snow guards per square based on many job-site factors.  Snow load, roof type, exposure to wind and sun, the type of building, relative roof insulation and pitch are all considered.  Once the quantity of snow guards per roofing square is determined, we take that information and develop a job-specific layout.
A Snow Fence Snow Retention System can dramatically diminish the risk of injury or damage resulting from a rooftop avalanche, while still maintaining the aesthetics of your roof and can also last as long as your roof itself.
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