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Our Clamp to Seam snow fence systems are is a perfect snow and ice barrier. It is easy to understand and to install, and it requires very little time and tools.
Many claims and arguments are made in the roofing accessory industry as to who has the original, patented snow guard. It may come as a surprise to people that they are indeed not a 'new' invention but have been around for years and years.
We take pride in designing and producing the best snow guards and snow fences you will find on the market – these products are only made possible through extensive research and closely following the needs and requirements of our customers.
If you have ever wondered if there was a real threat from not using snow retention, please check out this video courtesy of DaVinci Roofscapes:
There are many snow guards available that are meant for more industrial-type installations, usually of the plastic variety, but we would never recommend those be used on your beautiful home.
Most structures built in snow country have been engineered to support the snow loads expected for the area.  Some, especially buildings built many years ago, may not have been built to today's standards.
"I just had a synthetic shake/slate roof installed and my contractor didn't tell me I needed snow guards, why?"
We're confident that our retro-fit snow guard installation method will provide secure, leak-proof attachment for the life of the roof.
In areas where snow accumulates over the course of the winter and where ice dams are a common occurrence, protecting just a portion of an eave is a bad idea.
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