Snow Guards for DaVinci Synthetic Shingles

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards ST9 Snow Guard is perfect for DaVinci Bellaforte' synthetic slate and shake roofs

Dark Bronze ST9 Snow Guard on DaVinci Bellaforte Shake Roof

All across the United States and Canada, homeowners are replacing their worn-out shake roofs with the new DaVinci Bellaforte' shake.  It's easy to understand why.  Bellaforte' shake has a surprisingly realistic appearance and is very reasonably priced when compared to other synthetic roofing products.

When replacing natural shakes in areas where accumulating snow falls,  owners should be aware that snow will slide on synthetic roofing materials much like snow slides on metal roofs.  Depending on the particular house, having snow slide off the roof can be a good thing.  Ice dams won't build up if the snow has slid off the roof.  There is also less stress on the structure if the snow doesn't accumulate over the course of a winter.  However, there may be roof areas on a structure where snow needs to be held in place.  Those roof areas include roofs that shed onto walkways, decks, driveways, etc. Basically, roofs that will shed snow onto people or property that can be damaged.

SnowTrapper ST9 snow guards by Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, are the ideal snow guard for DaVinci Bellaforte' roofs.  The ST9 is available in both Kynar coated aluminum or copper and is just the right shape and size to complement the DaVinci Bellaforte' slate and shake. The strap is thin and wide so the ST9 fits perfectly in the overlap of the shingles.  The ST9 snow guard can be attached when the roof is being installed or after the original installation by following Rocky Mountain Snow Guards retrofit installation instructions.  Please contact us at (877) 414-7606 for more information.

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Synthetic Slate and Shake

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Snow Guards


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