No-Flash II - Copper

2-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard System


Copper bolt-down bracket and stainless steel base plate mount for 2-Pipe fence-style snow guard systems.  

The No-Flash 2-Pipe snow fence system is used on new or existing roofs where fastening into roofing support structures may not be possible and on products where flashing standard Drift Series snow fence bolt-down brackets is not practical.

Roof Mounting Method:

  • Upright Bracket -- fence-style upright bracket fastens into base plate with two bolts
  • Base Plate -- Fastens to roof decking using 4 each #15 x 3" XHD (extra heavy duty) fasteners
  • No flashing is necessary because fastener penetrations are concealed beneath up-slope roof shingles.

All fence-style system components sold individually, assembled to meet the specifications of your roof installation's snow retention needs. Please contact our expert design team for a free layout and quote!

Designed for Roof Types:

  • Metal Shingle
  • Cedar Shake and Shingle
  • Synthetic Slate and Shake
  • Natural Slate
  • Asphalt Shingle

Available Material & Finish

  • Copper

Suitable for:

  • New Roof Installation
  • Retrofit Roof Installation


Snow Retention System Components