How many snow guards do I need?

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Calculator can help answer that question

ST18 copper snow guards for slate roofs

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Calculator can help answer that question.

Simply put, the number of snow guards that you will need to keep snow on your roof will vary greatly.  Too few snow guards and the snow will still avalanche and the avalanche may damage the snow guards or tear them off of the roof.  Too many snow guards and you spent more time and money than necessary.   At Rocky Mountain Snow Guards we want to sell you just the right number for your particular roofing situation.  That's why we offer our free layout and design service.

Once we have all of the information we need, it is our goal to get your quote and job-specific snow guard layout back to you within 2 business days.  But what if you can't wait that long?  What if you're a contractor trying to budget snow retention for an upcoming job and you need to get your quote out the door?  For those situations where you just need a quick estimate of how many snow guards you need, we developed our on-line snow guard calculator.

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Simply go to our online calculator, input the information requested and you get a good idea of how many snow guards you will need. The calculator is built with 2 sections; the first section will calculate the quantity of snow guards per 100 sq. ft. of roofing area (1 roofing square) based on roof pitch and snow load. That quantity can be adjusted in the 2nd section by inputting more specific information about the particular job.

Once you have the quantity per square, multiply that by the total number of roofing squares on the roof decks where snow retention is desired and you have a total quantity for your job. Call, fax or email us for a unit price and you have your total estimated cost for snow guards.

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