Adhered Snow Guard Installation On Metal Roofs

Snow guard installation on metal roofs diagram

Adhered Metal Roof Snow Guards are installed with glue or an industry specific adhesive. The Snow Guard will be glued directly on to the metal roof in the center of the pans between the standing seam. As with any glue, there are tips and tricks to be sure the adhesive works to its maximum potential and doesn"t come off or slide down the surface of the roof.  On wider panels, 2 or more snow guards may be required in each row of snow guards.  Adhesive attachment is not as strong as mechanical attachment with screws that penetrate the metal panel into the wood deck below.  More rows of adhered roof snow guards will be required to hold the same load as mechanically attached snow guards.

Always Clean the area of the metal roof the Snow Guard is going to be adhered. There are many solvents which one could use to adhere a snow guard for metal roof, but isopropyl alcohol seems to work fine and doesn"t damage the roofs surface or finish. Its always important to read the instructions which come from the adhesive and snow guard manufacturer. The amount, and at what temperature for example can be important. Snow guard adhesive sometimes needs up to four weeks to cure. Some of the most common adhesives require extended periods of 50 degree plus temperatures to cure properly. If the temps are too high during the curing process it is possible that the snow guards could creep down the hot roof. Use some form of support across the roof to hold the snow guards in place until the adhesive is cured.

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