Single Ply 2-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard Bracket

Aluminum bolt-down bracket and 6"x8" stainless steel base plate mount for 2-Pipe Fence-Style snow guard systems mounted on single-ply membrane roofs.

Single Ply 2-Pipe Fence-Style Bolt-Down snow retention systems are comprised of two base components:

  • Single Ply Baseplate -- 6” x 8” x 1/8” Stainless Steel. Used on membrane roofs, requiring a target patch placed over the baseplate to seal the system (not included). Fastens to the decking with 5 #3 Extra Heavy Duty fasteners (sold separately) and one 3-pipe Upright (sold separately, see below)
  • 2-pipe Upright Bracket -- 6” Tall, Mill Finish Aluminum or powder coated. Fastened to a required No-Flash/Single-Ply Baseplate (sold separately). Use where snow loads exceed 50 psf


Roof Mounting Method:

  • Base plate fastens into roof deck or sub-structure.
  • Flashing membrane is applied over the base plate with upright bolts exposed.
  • Upright is attached to exposed base plate bolts, ensuring a watertight seal.
Price *
Stainless Steel Base Plate
Mill Finish Aluminum 2-Pipe Upright Bracket
Powder Coated Aluminum 2-Pipe Upright Bracket

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Snow Retention System: 

  • Fence Style Snow Guards

Product Category: 

Roof Type Category: 

  • Single Ply Membrane
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