No-Flash 3-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard Bracket

The No-Flash 3-Pipe Bracket snow fence system is used where fastening into roofing support structures may not be possible and on products where flashing standard Drift Series snow fence brackets is not practical. 

Snow Fence Systems are comprised of the Snow Fence Bracket, Tubing, Collars to keep the tubes in place, and Caps to finish the tubing ends. Ice Flags and Ice Screens may be desired on eaves rows of snow fence to eliminate the passage of small amounts of ice and snow under the lowest snow fence tube.  See below under "Related Products" section for the Snow Fence Accessories related to this bracket.


Price *
Aluminum Upright w/ Stainless Base Plate (call for pricing)
Copper (call for pricing)

*for contractor pricing: call 877-414-7606 or


Snow Retention System: 

  • Fence Style Snow Guards

Product Category: 

Roof Type Category: 

  • Metal Shingle
  • Cedar Shake and Shingle
  • Synthetic Slate and Shake
  • Natural Slate
  • Asphalt Shingle
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