Drift Solar

4-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard Bracket

Drift Solar is a 4-pipe Bolt-Down Bracket for Fence-Style snow retention on solar panel installations.

These 12” tall, 4-pipe snow fence brackets are for use on new and existing roofs where snow is being retained on or below solar panels. They must be bolted directly to roof support structure, flush at the eave with the tubing side facing down-slope (reversed installation compared to other snow fence installations) creating a "catch basin" for the snow coming off the solar panels.

Roof Mounting Method:

  • Must be bolted directly to roof support structure (rafters/trusses)
  • Requires five (5) #15 x 2.5" CTX lag screws (sold separately) when fastening into wood
  • Customer must source their own 1/2” x 3.5” lag bolts (5 per bracket) when fastening into metal support structure
  • Ice Screen must be installed to impede the movement of snow between the tubing

All fence-style system components sold individually, assembled to meet the specifications of your roof installation's snow retention needs.  Please contact our expert design team for a free layout and quote!

Downloadable Files

Available Material & Finish

  • Copper
  • Mill Finish Aluminum
  • Coated Aluminum

Price Options*

Mill Finish Aluminum
Powder Coated Aluminum
Copper - Call for Price

Prices include shipping in the contiguous 48 States
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