Drift III - Aluminum

3-Pipe Fence-Style Snow Guard Bracket

(Formerly "L83.4")

Our most popular fence-style snow guard system is the 3-Pipe Bolt-Down Fence-Style Snow Guard system for residential and light commercial applications.

The Drift III is an 8” tall, 3-pipe snow fence bracket for use on new residential and lighter commercial installations on most shingle-type roofs.  Use where snow loads exceed 50 psf.

Roof Mounting Method:

  • Must be bolted directly to roof support structure (rafters/trusses/purlins)
  • Requires four (4) #15x2.5" CTX lag screws (sold separately) when fastening into wood
  • Customer must source own 1/2" x 3.5” lag bolts (4 per bracket) when fastening into metal

Downloadable Files

Available Material & Finish

  • Mill Finish Aluminum
  • Coated Aluminum

Price Options*

Mill Finish Aluminum
Powder Coated Aluminum

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