Snow Guards

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is proud to be the distributor and custom layout designer for the patented SnowTrapper® and Rocky Guard lines of Snow Guards . The SnowTrapper and Rocky Guard are available in a number of configurations for use on many different types of roofing products.

To find out which snow guard is right for your particular project, please contact your Rocky Mountain Snow Guards representative today.

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SnowTrapper ST18 Snow Guard

For installation on all NEW Synthetic

SnowTrapper ST11 Snow Guard

THE Retro-Fit Snow Guard

RockyGuard RG16 Snow Guard

New synthetic Slate and Shake.

RockyGuard RG10 Snow Guard

Asphalt Shingle, Synthetic Shingle.


Corrugated Metal, Through Fastened

RockyGuard RGW (Wide) Snow Guard

Metal Panel, Metal Shingle, Asphalt

RockyGuard RGN (Narrow) Snow Guard

Metal Panel, Metal Shingle, Asphalt

SnowTrapper ST6 Snow Guard

Metal panel, Metal Shingle.

RockyGuard RG5 Snow Guard

Metal Panel, Metal Shingle.

SnowTrapper ST16R Snow Guard

Existing Natural Slate Roofing.