RockyGuard Snow Guards vs. SnowTrapper Snow Guards

These popular Clip-Style Snow Guards are both great for different situations

RockyGuard Snow Guards vs. SnowTrapper Snow Guards

We are proud to have two very distinct types of clip-style snow guards in the Rocky Mountain Snow Guard arsenal. Our original snow guard, the SnowTrapper is a patented, half- round pad design that is a favorite among homeowners and design professionals alike. This versatile snow guard can be used in just about any lower snow load and/or shallower pitch situation, making it ideal for use in many parts of the country. Our other snow guard design, the RockyGuard, is a taller, stronger gauge snow guard that can be used in virtually any snow retention situation where the pitch is 10/12 or less.

Many of our customers wonder why we recommend the snow guards that we do on their roof and, in some cases, they want to use the other snow guard type instead. We will attempt to break that reasoning down here and cut through the confusion.

When we recommend the RockyGuard over the Snowtrapper, it is because your particular project conditions require the use of the taller, stronger RockyGuard Clip-Style Snow Guard for the engineered system to function as intended. These conditions may include one or more of the following factors:

  1. Steeper roof pitch (<8/12)
  2. Slippery roofing materials
  3. Higher snow loads (<60#)
  4. Thicker roofing materials

The RockyGuard is taller and a much thicker gauge steel than the SnowTrapper design and functions better in these types of situations. When the roof is steeper, the snow guard needs to be taller to accommodate the steepness of the pitch. If the snow load for your project area is higher, the thick steel gauge has a stronger engineered load value and the added height of the guard also plays a factor in that it gives a deeper snow and ice load more grip on the roof. The need with thicker roofing materials such as DaVinci Bellaforte Shake or concrete tiles product is to allow adequate snow guard exposure so the snow does not just overrun the guards.

We promise we are not being mean or trying to sell you a higher-priced item (the RockyGuards are actually priced LESS than the SnowTrappers in most situations) to boost our bottom line. We sincerely care about the functionality of your snow retention system and the safety of people and property below your roof. This ‘science’ has been developed over years of good ol’ trial and error and has proven itself effective time and time again. Please contact your representative at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for more information on this and any of the other great products in our line up!

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