The Amazingly Fast Z2 AceClamp Snow Fence for Standing Seam Roofs

The Z2 AceClamp 2 Pipe Snow Fence

Z2 AceClamp 2-Pipe Snow Fence for Standing Seam Roofs

The Z2 AceClamp 2 Pipe Snow Fence is the fastest, easiest to install Snow Fence for Standing Seam Roofs.

Working on a sloped metal roof near the eave is a dangerous activity.  Metal can be slippery and the eave of a roof may be several stories in the air. That's why speed of installation is the number 1 concern of workers installing snow guards on standing seam roofs. The Z2 AceClamp fence style snow guard is 2-3 times faster to install than all other clamp to seam snow fences available on the market today.  Check out our installation video here.  You'll be amazed that each Z2 Clamp to seam bracket is installed in less than 50 seconds.  This is because the Z2 bracket comes fully assembled with 2 patented AceClamps pre-installed. 

The AceClamp speeds installation because:

  1. The AceClamp is tightened to the seam with a patented cam mechanism that tightens from the top, not the side like other clamp to seam snow gaurds.
  2. There is only 1 tightening cam on each clamp.
  3. The AceClamp cam mechanism swivels wide open allowing the installer to slip the bracket over just about any seam configuration without sliding the clamp up the seam from the bottom or crimping the seam to allow the clamp to slip over the seam.
  4. Each Z2 AceClamp bracket arrives on the jobsite fully assembled.  No screws to add, no attachments. Period.  Just open the box, slip the bracket over the seam, and tighten.

Saving time on a roof lowers the risk of accidents and increases the productivity of each worker on the roof.

This is why Rocky Mountain Snow Guards chose the AceClamp for seam attachment of their Z system series of clamp-to-seam roof snow fences for standing seam metal panels.

Roof Type Category

Standing Seam Metal Panel

Product Category

Bolt-Down Brackets


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