Utah State Old Main Building DaVinci and Snow Guard Re-roof Project

Utah State Old Main with DaVinci and Rocky Mountain Snow Guards

The iconic old main structure at Utah State built in 1889 now features a beautiful new DaVinci roof and Rocky Mountain Snow Guards.  

This building is featured on the National Register of Historic Sites.  The re-roofing project took place over the past 3 summers as phases had to be completed while students were on break.

As with all projects, the re-roofing of Utah State’s Old Main structure presented many challenges.  Some of these included walls not being squared, re-sheeting a section, and building a pedestrian bridge 106 feet high for accessing the East tower.  Of all these challenges, KBR Roofing specified that the DaVinci Roofscapes Fancy Shake Tiles installation was the easiest part!

The new roof features Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Drift II fences on the eaves over pedestrian and vehicular areas, with RG16s above.

You can read more details about the project on pages here: Roofing Magazine


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