Roof Snow Guards and Colorado Winters – What is the Connection?

Roof snow guards and Colorado winters, what is the connection?

When it comes to your roof there are many things affecting its endurance and life span, and when you live in an area that can have a lot of heavy snowfall during the winter, such as Colorado, the snow and ice accumulation need consideration.

The damage snow and ice can cause to a roof

The repeated build up and melting of ice and snow in colder climates can cause the snow build up on the roof deck. When the sun starts shining the snow and ice on the roof begins to melt, it will creating a ball-bearing type water layer under the snow and ice pack. The combination of these factors combined with the angle or pitch of the roof inevitably cause the snow and ice to slide in a large-release avalanche. This, of course, can not only damage property, but can also cause serious injury to people as well. It is important to place protection on your roof to prevent such occurrences by using snow retention products such as roof snow guards.

What is a roof snow guard?

For many people the terms Snow Retention, Snow Fences or Snow Guards are unfamiliar. Because of the nature and usage of these products, they’re generally unnoticed to most passers-by. Visit an area which receives heavy snowfall however, such as here in the Colorado Rockies, and they’re common place.

In simple terms, Snow Guards are devices that are attached to a roof in a pre-determined pattern in order to stop large amounts of snow from sliding off the roof. Roof Snow Guards keep the snow in place on top of the roof, reducing concern for what we call ‘catastrophic release’.

Homes that have slippery roofing materials such as metal or synthetic materials greatly benefit from having snow guards installed since they are designed to stop avalanches from taking place and thus protecting areas that are located under the roof (such as patio furniture, plants, cars, toys, porches, gutters and people). Snow Guards are designed to fit virtually all roof types and come in a variety of materials, shaped and colors. There are also much more obvious and visible forms of Snow Retention such as Snow Fences which provide an even stronger barrier in areas of heavy snowfall or of greater concern to people and property below.

How to install roof snow guards

We recommend that you have a certified, insured roofing contractor install your snow retention devices as they can insure a water-tight application.

Here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, we offer a large selection of snow guards for virtually all roof types.

To learn more about snow retention or to view our whole line of products, please visit our website at We are professionals when it comes to dealing with Colorado winters, and are confident we have the right product to suit your needs!

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