Choosing The Right Snow Guard or Snow Fence

Pad Style Snow Guards are appropriate for many roofs while Snow Fences are recommended for others

Copper Snow Guard ST18 on Simulated Shake Roof

How do you know which snow guard is right for your roof?  With all of the different styles of snow guards and different roof types, choosing the right snow guard or snow fence can be a daunting task.  At Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, we understand how confusing the selection/specification process is so we have 2 ways to help you:


Rocky Mountain Snow Guards helps you narrow your search with our "Snow Guards & Snow Fences by Roof Type" page.

Our "Search by Roof Type" page includes the most common roof types.  Just identify your roof type, click on the image and you will land on a page showing snow guard and snow fence options for your particular roof type.  At the "Search by Roof Type" page you will find 3 types of metal roofs: Standing Seam MetalThrough - Fastened Metal Panel Roofs, both corrugated and Pro-Panel, and Metal Shingles.

In addition to snow guards for metal roofs the "Search by Roof Type" page includes snow guards and snow fences for all types of shingle roofs: Asphalt ShinglesSynthetic Slate and Shake ShinglesCedar Shakes and Shingles and Slate.  There is even a page for Tile Roofs.


Rocky Mountain Snow Guards' Design Service can specify the right snow guard or snow fence and provide custom layouts for your roof.

Simply fill out our online questionnaire or call us at (877)414-7606.  We can provide you with a job specific snow guard layout or a complete diagram right on your roof plans.  We will determine the most cost effective snow retention system based on job specific conditions and snow guard and snow fence load ratings.   We can usually turn around your design in 24-48 hours.  This is a free, no-obligation service.

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Standing Seam Metal Panel
Through Fastened Metal Panel
Corrugated Metal Panel
Metal Shingle
Single Ply Membrane
Cedar Shake and Shingle
Synthetic Slate and Shake
Natural Slate
Concrete and Clay Tile
Asphalt Shingle
Solar Panel

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