Woodbinder Eclipse Wood Screw

Self-Tapping, Self-Flashing Screw with EPDM Seal

Use the Woodbinder Eclipse screws along with proper sealant beneath the snow guard's strap to provide an easily installed water-tight seal. The Eclipse's included rubber grommet is pre-installed on each self-tapping screw, so installation is quick and convenient.

The Woodbinder Eclipse has a large head that completely covers the rubber grommet beneath, providing a self-flashing, fully leak-proof seal. Common questions arise when installers think about drilling a screw into an existing metal roof, but we assure you that following our proper installation instructions, your snow guards will provide a leak-proof attachment for the life of your metal roof.

Multiple colors available:

  • Aged Bronze
  • Zinc Grey
  • Aged Bronze Stainless Steel for Copper

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Aged Bronze, Zinc Grey
Aged Bronze Stainless Steel

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