Why Do I Need Snow Guards?

Snow Guards eliminate damage to rooftop elements and seams on Standing Seam Roofs

Rooftop elements can be damaged by large snow loads

People often ask us the question - Why Do I Need Snow Guards? The answer is quite simple really: Snow sliding down metal standing seam roofs often causes damage to rooftop elements including vents and skylights. While rooftop elements will prevent the snow from sliding onto the ground and protect people and property below, vents are not designed to hold snow and are often damaged by sliding snow.  

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards manufactures and distributes many types of snow guards for standing seam roofs.  The Z2 clamp-to-seam standing seam snow guard system attaches to the seam with the patented AceClamp non-penetrating clamp.  If the the metal panel roof does not have seams appropriate for clamps, the L Bracket bolt-down snow fence system can be attached with bolts in a water-tight assembly.

Z2 Roof Snow Fence System in action

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Standing Seam Metal Panel

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