SnowTrapper Snow Guard Design

SnowTrapper ST16R Snow Guard for Slate

The patented SnowTrapper Snow Guard design has been manufactured and installed since 1997. This elegant and exceptionally strong snow guard has a pleasing low profile that complements roofs. Unlike large or clunky style snow guards that can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a roof, the SnowTrapper blends in, and adds to the overall appearance of high-end roofing products.

The strength of a SnowTrapper snow guard is based on a patented gusset and half-round pad design. These snow guards won’t bend backwards or tip sideways like many other snow guards. The SnowTrapper Snow Guard also has a thin-wide strap that allows the course of shingles above to lay flat.The design is stronger than many steel snow guards on the market today. What does that mean to you? Stronger snow guards hold greater snow loads so fewer snow guards are necessary to stabilize the snow on a roof.

A SnowTrapper snow guard works on the principal that snow slides occur at the roof surface. The wide base of the half-round pad of the SnowTrapper stabilizes the dense snow right at the roof surface, holding the snow above it in place. This principal holds true for roof pitches that are walk-able. On steeper pitched roofs, 10/12 and over, it is possible for snow to slide on top of stabilized snow. In situations where snow must be held absolutely, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards recommends the L Bracket Snow Fence System or the Z Bracket Snow Fence series for standing seam roofs.

Roof Type Category

Metal Shingle
Cedar Shake and Shingle
Synthetic Slate and Shake
Natural Slate
Concrete and Clay Tile

Product Category

Snow Guards


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