Snow Guards and Rusty Metal Roofs

CorGard metal roof snow guard for corrugated metal panels

Snow Guards and Rusty Metal Roofs require special care. That old, rusted look of corrugated steel roofing is highly desired on barns, cabins, and even multi-million dollar retreats. However, the same problem exists on these roofs in snowy regions of the world, snow will build up and slide off. So, how do you maintain the aesthetic appeal of the rusted metal while having a solution for snow retention?

The trick is to have a couple options that will hold the snow and rust with the rest of the roof, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the roof itself. The solution is to have products that match the profile of the roofing material itself. Rocky Mountain Snow Guards offers 2 distinct options for these roofs, the J Bracket Snow Fence for Metal Roofs, and the CorGard Snow Guard for Metal Roofs that both perfectly compliment these roof types.

The new J Bracket Metal Roof Snow Fence rests in the bottom of the channel and is bolted through into the sub-structure of the roof itself. This snow fence is a very strong snow retention solution that provides optimal snow hold and adds to that rugged look.

The CorGard Metal Roof Snow Guard is a bullet-proof pad style option that is fastened to the top of the corrugation. They create “friction” on the surface of the panel so snow will not slide down or overtake the eave.

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