Snow Guard and Snow Fence Advantages

During Spring or at any point during the year when snow on the Roof of your home begins to melt, the resulting blanket of snow covering your roof begins to sluff off creating potentially hazardous and destructive results. The falling snow can bring damage to your property, persons, vehicles, and could even cause death to an unfortunate passer-by. A Snow Fence Snow Retention System can dramatically diminish the risk of injury or damage resulting from a rooftop avalanche, while still maintaining the aesthetics of your roof and can also last as long as your roof itself. Snow Fencing systems can be custom designed to fit your particular roof and building's style.

Specific Advantages Of Snow Retention Systems

  • They help avoid costly insurance claims due to avalanching snow and ice
  • Help prevent ice "damming" build-up at roof's edge
  • Help prevent damage to gutters and eaves
  • Many styles to suit residential and commercial roofs

Additional Information On Snow Retention Systems:

What is a snow retention device?

Snow Retention System is a generic terms which is used to describe various devices which are placed on roofs of varying types in an effort to prevent both Snow and Ice from falling, sloughing or avalanching off the roof onto the ground, property and in some cases people below. The physical shape or the design of the snow retention system is often the way the various products in the snow retention industry are desicribed. For example, a snow fence for a metal roof which attaches to a metal roof's standing seam, is often referred to as a Standing Seam Snow Fence, or a clamp to seam snow fence. There are different advantages to each type of snow guard and snow fence.

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