Clamp-to-Seam Snow Guards for Standing-Seam Roofs vs Clamp-to-Seam Snow Fences

Clamp-to-Seam Snow guards are not a complete solution for standing seam roofs.

Clamp to Seam Pad Type Snow Guards

There are many options for Clamp to Seam Snow Guards for Standing Seam Roofs. One of the popular options that we see regularly are clamp-to-seam pad type snow guards. This type of snow guard may be effectively used as part of an overall snow retention solution for standing seam roofs but as a stand alone solution, clamp-to-seam pads have some shortcomings.  Since the pads are attached in a straight line up the roof on the seam, they are ineffective in holding snow that is not as deep as the pad face.  Depending on the seam height, and snow guard type, a snowfall of as much as 6" may slide right past the pads.  There are some manufacturers that offer clamp-to-seam pads that engage the snow at the surface of the panel.  This type is more effective than pads that are above the panel, but their effectiveness becomes limited on wider standing seam metal panels.

For these reasons, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards does not offer any clamp-to-seam pad type snow guards for standing seam roofs. Our non-penetrating Z Bracket snow fence systems effectively hold the snow across the entire panel and ice flags can be added to the standing seam snow fence system in areas where ANY amount of snow falling off the roof is too much.

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