S-5!® Unpunched ColorGard® Bar

Unpunched ColorGard® Bar is versatile and easy to install using the VersaClip™ for standing-seam roofs or the VersaBracket™ for bolt-down applications as part of the ColorGard® snow retention system.

The S-5!® Unpunched ColorGard® Bar it is the most versatile and easy to install, when used with the S-5!® VersaClip™. Unpunched does not need holes, as the VersaClip™ accommodates any seam spacing using S-5! standing-seam clamps, and it also works well with VersaBracket™ for bolt-down metal roof panel applications. Unpunched ColorGard® Bar is the right choice when the roof is laid out with un-true seam width or when the seam width is not divisible by 4.

ColorGard® Bars are available in 8-foot long sections.


Price *
Aluminum / Stainless Steel (price per 8ft bar)
ColorStrip for ColorGard Bar (price per 8ft strip)

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email info@rockymountainsnowguards.com

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S-5!® ColorGard® System brochure

Snow Retention System: 

  • Bar Style Snow Guards

Product Category: 

Roof Type Category: 

  • Standing Seam Metal Panel
  • Through Fastened Metal Panel
  • Corrugated Metal Panel
  • Metal Shingle
  • Single Ply Membrane
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