Snow Guards for Solar Panels

by / Sunday, 24 March 2013 / Published in News

Solar Panels shed snow onto pedestrian areas.

Solar panels are often installed over existing asphalt shingle roofs.  On most pitches, asphalt shingles will hold snow until it has a chance to melt and run off the roof as water.  When solar panels are installed on those roofs, snow may slide off posing danger to pedestrians and possibly damaging property below.  Installing snow guards for solar panels is the obvious solution but there are a number of considerations when installing snow guards for solar panels.


Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for Solar Panels4 pipe snow fence installed under solar panels

RMSG provides specific snow fence designs to control snow sliding off solar panels without comprimising the power generated by the solar panels.  Our snow guards for solar panels will not shade the solar panels and are designed following ASCE standards and specific product load ratings to make sure that sliding snow will not overload the snow guards.  For a specific design contact Rocky Mountain Snow Guards or complete our layout request form.

Additional considerations:

Often we are asked to supply our CP5 snow guards for adhesive attachment directly to the panel surface or to the solar panel frame.  This is a bad idea.  Solar panels will not product as much electricity if snow guards are adhered directly to the panel. (Some panels will not produce any electricity if just a portion of the panel is blocked).  Snow guards attached to the panel frames may overload the frames and fasteners attached to the frames may damage components or wiring within the frames.  In addition, solar panel racking is generally not designed to accomodate the additional load when snow is held on the panel.

Our snow guard solutions require some roof area below the solar panels above the roof edge.  The distance required depends on a number of factors.  Contact RMSG by phone, 888.755.7667, or email or fill out our layout request form.  We would be happy to help you solve your snow slide issue.