Our Snow Guard Philosophy

Snow retention should be beautiful, functional and long lasting.

ST9 Snow Guard on Synthetic Shake Roof

We believe that Snow Guards shouldn’t become the focal point of your roof.  Our SnowTrapper line blends beautifully with natural slate, shake, synthetic slates and shakes, metal roofs, tile and asphalt shingles.  The SnowTrapper line of snow guards features the patented half-round design with a triangular support gusset that is strong and beautiful.The SnowTrapper line is stocked in copper and Kynar coated aluminum in colors that either replicate an aged copper snow guard or compliment most roofing product colors.  We can also powder coat SnowTrapper snow guards to perfectly match any metal panel or shingle.
Our Corgard snow guard fits corrugated metal panel roofs perfectly.  It comes standard in a raw steel that will rust to match rusty metal panels that are very popular in mountain architecture.  The Corgard snow guard can also be powder coated to match painted corrugated panels.

Snow Guard Functionality

SnowTrapper Snow Guard Strength Test

Snow Guards must do the job.  That’s why they are installed in the first place.  From the design of the snow guard itself to the layout, our snow guards will perform as intended.  A SnowTrapper snow guard is a patented design that has been tested by the University of Ohio to handle loads well in excess of 500 pounds.

Each of our snow guard designs has been engineered for maximum strength.  However, the strength of a snow guard is only one factor in controlling rooftop snow.  The snow guards must be installed in a high enough density and in the right pattern to keep the snow in place.  For example, far more snow guards will be required to hold snow on a synthetic or metal roof surface than would be required to hold the same amount of snow on an asphalt shingle roof.  At Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, we understand that every roofing situation is different and we offer complete design services to make sure that our snow guards will do the job.  We also understand that different materials require different attachment methods.  That’s why at RMSG, we offer 9 different designs of the SnowTrapper series to fit every roof type.

Snow Guard Durability

Snow guards on a very steep roof.

We believe that snow guards should last as long as the roof upon which they are installed, and that they should remain beautiful for the life of that roof.  Synthetic shingles, natural slate and some metal roofs should perform for 50 years or more.  That’s why our SnowTrapper line is manufactured in copper or aluminum.  We don’t believe that any coating applied to a steel substrate will resist rusting for 50 years.

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