Will Snow Retention Ruin My Home's Appearance?

Snow Fence on Copper Roof at Vail Plaza Courtyard

We all have THAT neighbor.... The guy precariously balancing on a ladder during a beautiful summer day busily attaching the "Extra-SuperHD MondoMax Antenna" to the side of his house purposed to enhance his families viewing pleasure, all while unknowingly (or knowingly depending on how much he likes his neighbors) bringing down surrounding property values. THAT guy.

You can see it now, your neighbors all sitting around in the yard watching a contractor install your new snow retention system, quietly readying emails to fire off to the HOA director. Yet when he is finished, they are taken aback by the clean lines and the perfect complimentary colors that seemingly enhance the appearance of your house. They start asking questions.... "What are those?", "Who sells those systems?" and the one we hear most often "How does that work?".

At Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, we are dedicated to preserving the quality and integrity of your homes appearance. There are many snow guards available that are meant for more industrial-type installations, usually of the plastic variety, but we would never recommend those be used on your beautiful home. Our snow guard and snow fence systems are designed to blend seamlessly or even enhance the look of your roof. We work closely with some of the leading roofing manufactures to ensure that we offer our customer's systems that will work (and look) great on virtually any roofing product. We can provide you job-specific examples of fully-functioning snow retention designs on many homes and when you look at them, you see a beautiful structure, not a snow retention system.

Please let us show you how we can not only keep your home looking beautiful but can get your neighbors wondering why they haven't considered snow retention from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards until now. To get more information, please  fill out this form or contact us at (877) 414-7606.

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