Snow Guards: Choosing the Right Snow Guards for Slate Roofs

ST18 copper snow guards for slate roofs

ST18 copper snow guards for slate roofs

A lot of thought went into the ST18 copper snow guard. For starters, copper is an ageless metal.  Many slate roofs have copper flashings so the ST18 copper snow guard is the perfect compliment for those roofs.   The patented design has many features that ensure that the ST18 copper snow guard will perform beautifully for the life of the roof.  These snow guards feature a strong gusseted design that stands up to loads up to 600 lbs per snow guard.  The strap is relatively thin so it doesn"t lift the slate above like some "bar type" snow guards.  The ST18 snow guard is relatively wide at the base and it"s half round pad design all but guarantees that the snow guard won"t tip sideways once installed.  And, since the fulcrum is farther back than the pad is high, the ST18 copper snow guard will not want to tip backwards under loads.  Last, but not least, the flange of the pad faces down roof, engaging the edges of the gusset for additional strength.  The ST18 snow guard design has been successfully installed on thousands of slate roofs throughout the United States and Canada since it"s introduction in 1997.

Why ruin the look of an expensive synthetic slate roof with plastic snow guards?

Yellowed, cheap plastic snow guards on synthetic slate
The owner of the building with the TAMKO Lamarite roof pictured here trusted that his roofing contractor knew which snow guards were appropriate for his synthetic slate roof.  After 2 years on the roof, the snow guards are yellowing and several of the snow guards are coming un-glued.  (note the snow guard resting on top of another snow guard in the center of this photo)  Rocky Mountain Snow Guards ST9 snow guard for existing slate roofs would have been the appropriate choice here.  The ST9 snow guard is usually installed with 2 woodbinder eclipse screws and sealant in an retro-fit situation.  In additon, RMSG offers the ST16R copper snow guard that includes a strap with a hook that engages the top of the slate on which it is being applied.  No adhesive is necessary and there are no additional penetrations to the roofing underlayment with the ST16R.

Yeah, but plastic snow guards are cheap!

Not as cheap as you might think.  SnowTrapper snow guards for slate roofs can also be purchased in a Kynar coated aluminum or powder coated aluminum to match any slate color.  The Aluminum ST18ST16R and ST9 snow guards for slate roofs all cost less than the snow guards shown in the photo above.  And, unlike the plastic snow guards shown above, the SnowTrapper snow guards are a beautiful addition to the roof and will last the life of the roof.

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