Why Doesn't Rocky Mountain Snow Guards Sell Plastic Snow Guards?

Broken adhered clear plastic snow guards

If you have followed our blog in the past, you have noticed that we have a pretty strong stance on simply using adhesive (and not screws) to attach snow guards onto your roof. It simply does not work well enough for us to stand behind and is not a long-term solution to your problem. As we have grown as a company and done some serious R&D or trial and error in the snow guard world, we have also come to the conclusion that plastic snow guards are generally not a good long term answer. We will admit, they have there place in the world.... like on your neighbor's Tuff-Shed. But our position at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is, plastic snow guards will yellow over time and detract from the look of your roof.

We here at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards are committed to providing you with long-lasting, attractive solutions for snow retention on every building. We offered a plastic snow guard in the past as an inexpensive, quick-fix solution but we will no longer be offering them as part of our extensive product line.  Our replacement product the RockyGuard RGN (Narrow) and RockyGuard RGW (Wide) snow guards are an inexpensive, long-term solution for any metal roof.  And, as in the past, we will not recommend adhering snow guards to any metal roof.

Please contact us for a designed layout of our RGN/RGW metal roof snow guards for your project.  You'll be glad you didn't settle for plastic snow guards.

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