Plastic Snow Guards

Plastic snow guards, which is right for your roof?

Plastic snow guards are weak and tend to yellow and come off.

If you’ve been searching for snow guards on the web you know that there are lots of plastic snow guard styles from many manufacturers out there.  So how do you decide which one is right for your roofing project?  Clear or colored? Adhered with tape of liquid adhesive? Attached with screws?  Triangular or rectangular? Long or short base? Textured or smooth on the bottom?  

I’ve been in the snow retention industry for many years and my company Rocky Mountain Snow Guards has designed and sold thousands of snow retention systems so I’m well qualified to offer some advice on this:

Buy metal snow guards instead.  

For roughly the same price, you can install steel or aluminum snow guards or snow fences that will last the life of your roof.  

Failed plastic snow guards - Edwards, CO
All that’s left of these plastic snow guards on a rest stop in Edwards, CO is a little adhesive on the panels.

It’s been my experience that over time, plastic snow guards yellow and get weaker and adhered snow guards have a nasty habit of coming off.  Usually just when you need them the most.  But don’t just take my word for it, examples of failed plastic snow guards are everywhere:

Yellowed, cheap plastic snow guards on synthetic slate
Yellowed, adhered plastic snow guards on a synthetic slate roof in Castle Rock, CO.


Broken adhered clear plastic snow guards
Yellowed adhered plastic snow guards on a Walgreens in Utah.

Missing & yellowed plastic snow guards on metal panels
Missing and yellowed plastic snow guards on a Walgreens in Castle Rock, CO.

We suggest our RGW or RGN snow guards.

The RGN snow guards (for metal panel roofs with minor ribs) are available in mill finish aluminum for $ 2.75/each.  The RGW snow guard is used on metal panel roofs without minor ribs and they sell for $ 3.00/each in mill finish aluminum.  Exterior grade powder coating in a multitude of colors is available for an extra .75 per snow guard. 

Another inexpensive and highly effective product for metal roofs is the S-5! ColorGard system.  The S-5! ColorGard bar snow fence system can be installed on a standing seam metal roof system with non-penetrating clamps.  It can also be installed on through-fastened metal panel roofs with the S-5! Versabracket.  Rocky Mountain Snow Guards stocks color strip inserts to match the roof color.

The designers at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards are happy to help you with a custom snow retention plan for your project at no charge.   Call us at 877.414.7606 or submit a quote request online.

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