Clear Plastic Snow Guards

Clear Plastic Snow Guards are inexpensive but not invisible on metal roofs

6 year old polycarbonate Clear Plastic Snow Guards show their age as they yellow

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards' least expensive clear plastic snow guard is the CP5 Clear Polycarbonate Snow Guard.  It meets the requirement of holding snow on the roof but just like every other polycarbonate on the market today, the CP5 will yellow over time.  Our CP5 snow guard is manufactured with the highest grade polycarbonate resins, UV inhibitors and stabilizers but like headlight covers on cars, the snow guards will yellow and become less transparent over time.  That's why we don't advertise the the CP5 as invisible.  Understanding their limitations, polycarbonate clear plastic snow guards have a place as an inexpensive solution on some roofs.  They can be adhered or mechanically fastened (highly recommended) to just about any metal roof.

For a long-term solution, we recommend mechanically fastening the ST6 Copper or Aluminum Snow Guard, or the Z Bracket clamp to seam snow fence system for standing seam roofs.  Our L Bracket roof snow fence system is appropriate for through fastened metal panel roofs.

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